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Michael Adamis - A Selection of Electroacoustic Works 1964-1977 (2CD+book, Rekem 03/Mafia 02)

18 GBP
Absolutely essential release of one of the most prominent personalities in the Greek contemporary music world. Michael Adamis was recognised as a pioneering composer who created a contemporary musical genre upon the Greek tradition. He has managed to create an original electroacoustic soundscape, leaving a clear aesthetic mark among contemporary and Byzantine music. These works offer a remarkable example of his pioneering and diverse creative course, revealing a search for new means of expression. Tape, voice, distortion, concrete and electronic sounds, use of early synths. For the first time a Deluxe Double CD & Booklet edition is released with a selection of previously unreleased electroacoustic works from the 1964-1977 period.
  1. Μινυρισμός / Minyrismos, 1966 
  2. Γλάρος ΙΙ / Glaros II, 1977/2006 
  3. Piece One, 1964 
  4. Piece Two, 1964 
  5. Μοιρολόι / Lament, 1970 
  6. Κράτημα / Kratema, 1971 
  7. Προσχήματα / Proschemata, 1964 
  8. Ένδον / Endon, 2001 
  9. Παίγμα / Paegma, 1976 
  10. Ιφιγένεια Εν Αυλίδι / Ifigenia In Aulis, 1970 
  11. Κράτημα / Kratema, 2001
Co-produced with Mafia