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Ferran Fages - for Pau Torres (CD, t16)

Ferran Fages - for Pau Torres (CD, t16)

Catalan musician Ferran Fages, known for his guitar work as much as his work with turntables and electronics, delivers here a striking album of evocative, nocturnal electric guitar explorations. Bracketed by two intricate pieces of feedback, the centerpiece of this work maps out a carefully constructed arc of a story, bringing this album closer to that often misunderstood soundtrack-for-a-movie-yet-to-be-filmed genre.
  1. for Pau Torres
released February 20, 2012

Ferran Fages: electric guitar and walkie-talkie
Composed, recorded and mixed by Ferran Fages from May to September 2009
Mastering by Pau Torres

Photography by Pau Torres
Layout by Kostis Kilymis