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Catriel Nievas / Jon Wheeler - Balance

Catriel Nievas / Jon Wheeler - Balance

** Marginal Frequency Cassette edition **

composed and recorded by Nievas/Wheeler
Recording locations: Ohio, Tennessee, Argentina
Mastered by A.F. Jones, San Diego, CA
Cover Art by Joe Wheeler, design/layout by Jones
C45 on high quality chrome, edition of 50

Catriel: “My records are raw recordings of unfinished travels, periods of time when nothing seems to happen, my home is completely empty, the sound of a waving hand of a lucky cat in the living room. A time of change from one state to another mediated by sound, perhaps some balance between what I was and what I am.”

Joe: “Most of the recordings I took happened locally in Cedarville, Ohio, in my backyard, my house, or around town. During August the cicadas where pretty animated, and they are heard throughout the album. I took a trip to visit my Grandma in Knoxville, Tennessee, in the middle of working on the album and I used recordings I took there in the track “guitarra – outside at 9PM” most notably. In “Outro” I used a recording I took of my dad putting flooring into our living room.

Less specifically, my desire for this recording was to capture really whatever was in front of me at the right time.”

This is the first collaboration between Nievas and Wheeler.